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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Supercar Radio Episode 5

A little less car news than normal since Geneva is over, but still some interesting stuff happening in the world of supercars.

Show Notes:

My favorite car gets an overhaul

Weblog comments yield extra stories-thanks!

Listener Link: SSC Ultimate Aero (Another American Supercar!)
Thanks Kyle!

Short Info. on doors

Saleen S7 gets turbocharged...X2!
10 sec. quarter mile!


  • hey i just thought i might drop in and say hi! you do a pretty nice job on your podcast and i enjoy listening to it! the lamborghini murcielago happens to be my favorite car also and i have a great website with the new lp640 and all of the other lamborghini cars...
    just thought i would let you know and again, great job on the show! keep it up!


    By Blogger patrick, at 3:34 PM  


    Check out this Ford GTX-1...I think that they need to make a new term for cars like this...SuperMuscle, I saw a video of one of these, and it looks like a supercar, has the hp, but handle's like a muscle car and sounds like one too!

    By Blogger chevymaster_08, at 6:52 PM  


    Will Saab really be the first to have the hole roof come off. This isn't even a concept any more, it was shown at the Geneva Auto Show as a futur model!

    By Blogger chevymaster_08, at 7:03 PM  



    By Blogger chevymaster_08, at 4:50 PM  

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